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Software tools to prevent attacks on servers and websites

30 August 2020
Software tools to prevent attacks on servers and websites

Because hackers are finding more sophisticated ways to access your data, security is becoming a daily concern for businesses. Since 2018, the number of security breaches has increased by 11%. Full protection means many stages of security. Each stage addresses different types of threats and combines the formation of an insurmountable barrier.

This becomes a dangerous task for system administrators because it is not enough to detect and block individual threats. It is also important to be aware of difficult threats and to take preventive measures constantly.

In order to effectively manage cybersecurity, companies resort to free or premium level security tools. ᲩWen Blog shows you 7 basic protection steps to help you secure your server and site.

Network Firewalls 

This is a system that prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network. In fact, its like a house door: an external level of security that determines what is allowed and what is not. Of course, you also need the door closed and solid. Most computers have Network Firewalls, which is usually sufficient to protect against viruses, malware, and other unwanted content. Standard Firewalls are restricted and general, hence companies use Hardware Firewalls. While the standard Default Plesk firewall provides basic server protection, Juggernaut-like extensions further ensure the security of your server. Juggernaut functions include SPI network protection, brute force protection, real-time connection monitoring, intrusion detection, and dynamic blocklists.

Firewall is considered to be the first line of defense against attacks on servers. However, this is not the only thing you should use for safety.

Antivirus Software 

While Network Firewalls protect against threats to your system, Antivirus Software protects your system from existing viruses. This is done by constantly monitoring the files, in different ways it finds threats and if found they removes them and protects the system from various threats.

Premium antivirus by Dr. The Web is a world-renowned and award-winning antivirus that scans emails, protects and destroys problems. The best option is Plesk Premium Antivirus or Kaspersky Antivirus extensions. Both programs scan real-time server incoming email information. Then the program is ImunifyAV leading malware scanning tool. It provides protection against malicious code, security and domain monitoring, blacklist status verification and removal of malicious code with the click of a button.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) software

It is a program that responds quickly to problems and solves them. Whether it is a Mac, PC or server, a good EDR system can detect suspicious activity anywhere. This is very important if someone is illegally accessing your system to steal information. EDR software interferes so that information cannot be sent / received. EDR is an advanced step in server security and is therefore recognized. Kaspersky EDR provides complete protection of the endpoint. It is especially popular with its corporate network visibility and ability to detect advanced threats, explore priorities, and neutralize them.

Anti-Phishing Tools 

Phishing is a way of finding and collecting personal information through fake emails and websites. Tricks usually involve persuading people to click on links, assuming they are important and / or safe. This is mainly done through platforms such as email and chat. 

Built-in spam filters block the most common phishing attempts sent to thousands of people. However, targeted phishing attempts, which may target specific individuals or organizations, are blocked.

Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection is a paid program designed for users and organizations. In addition to high quality and simple antivirus tests, it also offers support for almost 30 SpamAssassin plugins. It is therefore one of the most reliable antivirus and anti-spam tools.

Encryption Tools 

Encryption tools are programs that use cryptography to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. It works by encrypting data from "plain text" to "encryption". This process translates into an encrypted form that you need to decrypt. This is usually a password that makes it difficult for strangers to access it. There are two main types of encryption: software and hardware. Software encryption is more selective and focuses on encrypting individual files and folders. Hardware encryption involves encrypting the entire device.

Linux users will connect to servers using SSH keys. SSH (Secure Shell) keys are the access certificates used in the SSH protocol. Secure and widely used standard for strong authorization, secure connection and encrypted file transfer. Using SSH keys is more convenient and secure than traditional passwords.

You can use SSH Key Manager from Plesk 12.0, and you can effectively manage SSH from the Plesk interface.

Specific Server Security Tools

Introducing the most popular and powerful Plesk programs that protect your server security. 

Sentinel Anti-malware 

Sentinel Anti-malware is a scanner that combines the open source Linux Malware Detect and ClamAV principles. This extension is especially suitable for organizations and service providers trying to prevent malicious code from entering the system.


Kernelcare Premium software (free trial for 30 days) protects Linux servers from vulnerabilities. Basically with automatic installation of security updates. This will prevent the server from overloading and save time. It also provides updates in a few hours to ensure continuous security.


BitNinja program prevents 99% of malicious attacks. It protects against nine different aspects of attacks, including malware scanning. You can even install it automatically and protect your server in just 5 minutes.


Award-winning Cloudbric provides WAF and DDoS protection. First of all, it has a system for detecting threats from hacker attempts in real time, from DDoS attacks and spam. Secondly, you can activate it with the click of a button and try it for two weeks for free. In addition, you will benefit from Cloudbrics free and expert technical / security support.

DDoS Protection by Variti 

DDoS Protection by Variti protects websites from DDoS, one of the most popular online attacks, as well as other intrusive bots. For this it analyzes traffic in real time. This program is ideal for companies that depend on Internet traffic protection for their business.

Atomic Secured Linux 

Atomic Secured Linux extension provides the same level of protection that is typically provided by a team of security experts. It can prevent, detect and respond to the most serious cyber security challenges.

Penetration Testing Software

The penetration testing program is the last step in your security defense. Professional hackers mimic cyber-attacks (penetration testing), allowing enterprises to detect vulnerabilities in corporate networks much earlier than hackers. When you install the security program, we then start security testing. . Helps us to answer the question is whether our network is adequately protected from various cyber attacks.